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Suzie freedom to travel with family

21 years ago, with two young kids at home I had no energy, felt ache and stressed all the time. I had horrible headaches at least once a week and was hostage to monthly PMS. I was not careful with what I ate not realizing the wheat I was eating was literally killing me. What I didn't know was that I had planted myself in a garden that needed better tending.  Click here for details. Narrated product guide click here

Then the owner of a gym introduced me to these products. After just one month my headaches and aches and pains disappeared. My PMS no longer crippled me. I began to bloom, and what a freedom! I had so much energy people asked what I had been doing. As a result I opened my own business.

My business represents who I am because I am continually creating a life that blooms with healthy living.  For me that means spending time with my kids, playing tennis, working out and traveling.

This model of direct sales allows me to create income in a way that is complimentary to my lifestyle and talents by keeping me in touch with others who are proactive about health and by giving me the opportunity to team up with successful entrepreneurs.  

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